J. Arnau publica “Reviving Catalan at School. Challenges and Instructional Approaches”

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Author: Arnau, Joaquim
Title: Reviving Catalan at School
Subtitle: Challenges and Instructional Approaches
Year of Publication: 2013
Place of Publication: Bristol
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
This book presents a comprehensive picture of languages and schools in Catalan-speaking countries, making much of the information available in English for the first time. The chapters examine multiple aspects of the language situation in these countries, including: the recovery of Catalan in schools; the position and status of the majority languages (English and Spanish); language-in-education policies in a multilingual, multicultural context; the possibility of multilingual competence; and the successes and failures of instructional processes.
Subject Area(s): Language acquisition (L1), Sociolinguistics
Table of Contents
Introduction1 Language-In-Education Policies in the Catalan Language Area
Joaquim Arnau and F. Xavier Vila

2 The Acquisition of Catalan by Immigrant Children. The Effect of Length of Stay and Family Language
Àngel Huguet, Jose-Luis Navarro, Silvia-Maria Chireac and Clara Sansó

3 Language Attitudes of Latin-American Newcomers in Three Secondary School Reception Classes in Catalonia
Mireia Trenchs-Parera and Adriana Patiño-Santos

4 Training a Primary Education Teacher to Teach Expository Text Comprehension Strategies
Núria Castells, Isabel Solé, Cristina Luna, Eva Lordán, Esther Nadal, Mariana Miras and Sandra Espino

5 Teacher Training in Literacy Instruction and Academic Achievement in a Multilingual Classroom
Joaquim Arnau, Haridian M de Aysa and Sonia Jarque

6 Production of Texts with Multimodal Resources by Two Groups of Primary Education Students
Aneska Ortega, Júlia Coromina and Ana Teberosky

7 Interlinguistic Reflection on Teaching and Learning Languages
Oriol Guasch Boyé

8 Affording Students Opportunities for the Integrated Learning of Content and Language: A Contrastive Study on Classroom Interactional Strategies Deployed by Two CLIL Teachers
Cristina Escobar Urmeneta and Natalia Evnitskaya

9 Integrated Languages Project
Rosa Maria Ramírez and Teresa Serra

Pages: 216
ISBN-13: 9781783090242
Price: 24,95 EUR USD 49.95

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