Call for papers – 7th Convention of the ISLRF – March 2018 in Quimper, France

The 7th Convention on Immersion Education organised by the ISLRF (Institut Supérieur des Langues de la République Francaise) will take place in Quimper, Brittany during the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Diwan immersion Breton Language schools. This event will also be the opportunity to celebrate two decades of the ISLRF, an organisation which for over 20 years has coordinated a valuable network in connecting the Alsatian, Basque, Breton, Catalan and Occitan immersion schools’ Higher Education teacher training institutes and colleges.

Both these anniversaries provide the perfect occasion for us to question and reflect on some of the particularities of immersion language schools and the wider concepts surrounding bi/plurilingual immersion education. Indeed, regarding language transmission, one must also take great interest in out-of-school language use as we are soon to enter a fundamental new stage in which the number of new speakers are soon to overtake the number of “traditional” speakers.
The conference is open to researchers, educational professionals and teachers in primary or secondary education. The ISLRF invites papers in all areas of research including sociolinguistics, glottopolitics, ethno-linguistics, psycholinguistics, developmental psychology, neuroscience, language acquisition and integration of 2nd/3rd languages, pedagogical studies, didactics, discipline-specific (e.g. CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning), initial and further teacher training. Moreover, we also encourage presentations from outside the Francophone language community.