K. Woolard: Catalan language, identity, and independence | OUPblog

The political crisis around Catalan sovereignty continues unabated, with a record voter turnout on December 21 in elections to replace the Catalan parliament that Spain suspended after the beleaguered referendum on independence of 1 October. The same pro-independence parties that had formed the deposed government again won a majority of seats in a significant rebuke to the Spanish government, which had declared the referendum illegal and jailed civic leaders and elected officials on charges of sedition and rebellion. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy miscalculated in betting that the resulting political and economic instability would undermine support for independence. That mistake owes in part to a wide-spread failure to fully understand the nature of Catalan identity and society. Continuar llegint… Catalan language, identity, and independence | OUPblog