Catalan Sign Language (LSC, for llengua de signes catalana) is the language of the signing Deaf community in Catalonia. Since 2004 IEC (Institut d’Estudis Catalans, i.e. the Catalan Academy of Sciences and Humanities) has given support to a number of initiatives concerning research on and dissemination of this linguistic and cultural reality. It has also taken part in the process of the legal recognition and regulation of the language, both at Catalan and State level. The Philological Section of IEC has integrated LSC as a further object of study in its scientific activities and it collaborates regularly with the Catalan Federation of Deaf People (FESOCA) and Catalan universities in research activities and the promotion of LSC. 

With the passing of the Act on Catalan Sign Language by the Catalan Parliament on May 26th 2010, IEC became the normative authority of this language, which promotes research on it and must determine its standard variety in the future. We present the first version of the Catalan Sign Language Portal as an initial step in that direction, with the goal to turn it into the reference website that will showcase all the linguistic resources available for the study of LSC and make them accessible to the language users, sign language researchers and society in general.