València: DiscourseNet Winter School

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Call for proposals
DiscourseNet Winter School. Doing research on academic, educational and intellectual discourses
A Warwick-Valencia event
Valencia, Spain

Discourse Studies is a field which studies meaning- and sense-making practices in their political, social and historical contexts. The DiscourseNet Winter School brings together advanced BA and MA as well as PhD students who want to pursue research in Discourse Studies and to discuss the methodological and theoretical challenges of their thesis projects (or first ideas). Its aim is to bring young and confirmed discourse researchers together and to address practical challenges in discourse research. The event will privilege collaborative exchange and hands-on research experience in a rather informal workshop setting. Introductory lectures will be given by Johannes Angermuller (Warwick), Benno Herzog (Valencia) and Luisa Martín Rojo (Madrid).
Participants can come from linguistics, sociology, political sciences, literary and cultural studies, media and communication, education, geography and related areas in the social sciences and humanities. The DiscourseNet Winter School is free but a small contribution for coffee etc. may be charged. There are places for 15-20 students. A limited number of stipends is available for students in need of financial support for travel and accommodation. The working language is English. Participants can stay until the weekend after and join in the social activities with the group.
Applicants are expected to send in proposals which include a short letter of motivation, an abstract with one’s project (no more than one page) as well as an (academic) CV. If a stipend is needed, the organisers would expect a short explanation why financial assistance is needed (e.g. lack of institutional support). The abstract will consist of a title and a description of the proposed research project which can deal with academic, educational and intellectual discourses and/or methodological questions in discourse research.
Proposals should be sent in by the 30th of September 2014. In case of acceptance, each participant will send in a 10-page version of the research project by December 15th 2014. These longer versions will define the research object, lay out the research questions, situate the project in the field and reflect on the preferred methods. These longer versions will circulate among the participants prior to the event. During the DiscourseNet Winter School, the students will not read their papers but elaborate on specific points, practical problems and methodological challenges of their projects. If they wish, the participants can stay the weekend after and join in the social activities with the organisers in the Valencia region.
The Winter School is a Warwick-Valencia event, organised by members of DiscourseNet, an interdisciplinary and international network of discourse researchers existing since 2007. It is supported by the ERC DISCONEX project, led by Johannes Angermuller, which studies academic discourse in the social sciences and humanities. DiscourseNet regularly organises workshops, e.g. DiscourseNet 14 in Mannheim (Germany, winter 2014), DiscourseNet 15 in Belgrade (Serbia, spring 2015), DiscourseNet 16 in Bremen (Germany, autumn 2015) and DiscourseNet 17 in Pamplona (Spain, spring 2016).
Please contact Ronny Scholz (<>) if you have questions and want to send in your application (in one single pdf file only).
Network: DiscourseNet
Organizing Committee: Johannes Angermuller (Warwick), Benno Herzog (Valencia), Francesc Hernàndez (Valencia), Ronny Scholz (Warwick)
Contact person: Ronny Scholz
email: disconex (arrova)
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