A. I. Gil, M. Gil “Mother Tongue and School Failure in Multilingual Country”

Mother Tongue and School Failure in Multilingual Country – Dialnet.

Autores: Ana Isabel Gil Lacruz, Marta Gil Lacruz
Localización: RISE, ISSN-e 2014-3575, Vol. 1, Nº. 2, 2012 (Ejemplar dedicado a: International Journal of Sociology of Education) , págs. 157-179
Texto completo (pdf)Resumen
Spain is a multilingual country where three additional official languages coexist (Catalan, Basque and Galician) with the state language (Spanish). The high costs of translation impose that policy makers are permanent negotiating which percentage of information should be provided in each language. Against this background, the language in the field of education is a controversial topic. In this research we focus on how students´ mother tongue, as an ethnic attribute, determines their school performance. Our results confirm that there is a premium for those students whose mother tongue is Catalan, and that living in those communities where Basque and Galician are spoken, affects also positively the academic performance.

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