What is and what the Catalan Economic Society does?
The Catalan Economic Society (SCE) is an academic association, created to promote the study and research in the fields of Economics in general, and of the Catalan economy in particular.
It was founded by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC) in 1951 as “Catalan Society of Legal, Economy and Social Studies” (SCEJES), of which Lluís Duran i Ventosa was its chairman; Salvador Millet i Bel was the vice-chairman for the area of Economy, and LlorençGascón Fernández was the secretary of said area. During that time (under General Franco’s regime), it carried out its activities in a clandestine manner.
Once the Institute of Catalan Studies was openly restored, the Society was reorganised in 1977 as the Section of Economy of the SCEJES. Josep MariaMuntaner i Pasqual was its chairman and Carles Alfred Gasòliba i Böhm acted as secretary.

It carried out its activities freely.
In 1986, it became as the Catalan Economic Society (CES), a direct affiliation of the Institute (IEC). Chairmen of the Society have been until nowadays: Antoni Serra Ramoneda, Joaquim Muns i Albuixech (†), Josep Jané i Solà and Pere Puig i Bastard.

The current chairman is Eduard Arruga i Valeri.
Current officers of the Society
Chairman: Eduard Arruga i Valeri
Vice-chairman: Joan-Ramón Rovira Homs
Treasurer: Humbert Sanz i García
Secretary: Antoni Montserrat i Solé
Other officers:
Lourdes Beneria i Farré
Jaume Padrós i Enamorado
Joaquim Perramón i Aysa
Àngels Roqueta Rodríguez
Josep María Surís i Jordà
Correspondent in Madrid: Josep Maria Nus i Badia
Delegate of the IEC: Jordi Galí i Garreta
Current number of members: 250 (ordinary annual payment of €40)
( Students: €20 per year, for a term of 3 years)
The SCE organises lectures with well-known and recognised guests at the Institute of Catalan Studies, as well as it carries out other activities in several different places:
Palau de la Generalitat (Palace of the Catalan Government), Palau Macaya, Llotja de Mar or the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona city council.
Every year, the SCE devotes a session to the Economy Nobel-awarded person and at least another session to a recognised Catalan economist. It also organises debates regarding different matters of scientific and public interest, as well as seminars and tributes, such as the ones for Josep Marull Gou and Artur Saurí del Río.
Events with other institutions
The SCE organises events with other Societies that also are affiliated to the Institute of Catalan Studies. It also organise activities with Universities located in places sharing Catalan language and culture, with IESE, ESADE and other institutions such as the International Social Science Council, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Catalan Bar of Economists, the Catalan Association of Regional Science and the Economic and Social Studies Center, among others.
Since 1991, the SCE grants the Award “Premi Catalunya d’Economia” (Catalonia Award of Economy), which is given on a biennial basis, to the best work or book regarding economy on the lands of Catalonian language and culture, drafted in Catalan, Spanish, English, French or Italian. It is also supported by “la Caixa” social foundation. There is a current edition in 2017.
Since 1996, the SCE also grants the Award “Societat Catalana d’Economia” (Catalan Economic Society Award), which is also given on a biennial basis, to the best work or book on economic matters made in the lands of Catalonian language and culture. It is also supported by “la Caixa” social foundation. The next edition will be in 2018.
Since 1998, the SCE also grants the “Prize Ferran Armengol i Tubau” on insurances and risk. It is given every three years to the best work, analysis, thesis or study (published or not) on insurance and social security, from an economic, legal, historical or financial point of view.

This prize is sponsored by the Mutua de Propietaris (insurance broker).

The next edition will be in 2017-2018.
The Prize IEC of Economy Josep A. Vandellós is established by the Section of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the IEC and it is granted every three or four years, to the best work of research or essay on economy. The next edition will be in 2020.
The Anuari (Yearbook) includes the conferences, debates and seminars organised by the SCE, as well as the delivery of the awards. 22nd editions have already been published, and they are available to the members. 23rd edition of the Yearbook will be published shortly (2013-2016 courses).
Quaderns de recerca (Research studies) are also published (six volumes) as well as some special monographic studies and circulars to members. At the moment, there is a project for the re-instauration of the publication of the Quaderns de la SCE (CES studies), now with a summary of the group of conferences given on the recognised
Catalan economists such as Figuerola, Lluch, Sardà, Trías and Vandellós, Research programs The SCE is carrying out a project of research on the contributions of the Catalan economists in the field of the research in economy. This project is partly funded by the Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Catalan Studies. People interested to be
mentioned there in can send their works to sce@iec.cat.
A Catalan Economic Society Conference is organised to take place in May 2017, with the collaboration of the group of Universities of our cultural area
Working groups
SCE Members can participate in the different working groups, such as that of Catalonian economy, critical economy, financial economy, industrial economy, international economy and economic thinking.
International recognitions
The SCE is member of the Civil Society Dialogue Group, of the General Directorate of Trade of the European Commission. It is also affiliated with the World Economic Association (WEA) and it is has applied to belong to the International Economic Association (IEA).
Barcelona,  March 2017.