Sebastian V. Grevsmühl, science historian: “The cold war was fundamental in the idea of the global environment

Last 10th February, Sebastian V. Grevsmühl delighted us with his talk “Exploring the borders of lab and field sciences in Antarctica: Which lessons for remote sensing through satellites?”, embedded in the colloquium cycle Situating space technology between lab and field science. Grevsmühl, is a science historian, specialized in environmental history and visual studies. Since 2012, he has a doctorate in the history of science (EHESS / Center Koyré). What’s more, he has directed and collaborated in several projects, such as ENVIGLOB which gave rise, in 2017, to a special issue published in the journal GEO: Geography and Environment. He is the author of numerous articles on the history of geophysical sciences and its relation with The Cold War, environmental history, spatial and polar history, as well as on visual cultures and the role of images in science.

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