Seminari sobre història del darwinisme a Dinamarca

Ponent: Hans Henrik Hjermitslev (University College South Denmark)

Organitza: Mavi Corell i Juli Peretó

Presenta: Jesús Català

Títol: “Darwinism in Denmark: Reflections on the History of Evolution of Religion from the Cultural Struggles in the 1870’s to Modern Creationism”

25 de maig de 2023, 19:00 (CEST)

Format híbrid: Centre Octubre, (aula 1, planta 1, c/ de Sant Ferran, 12, 46001 València) i on line

Sense inscripció.


In this colloquia, I will address the history of Darwinism in Denmark with a focus on how the theory of evolution has been part of cultural, religious, and educational battles from its introduction by free thinkers such as Georg Brandes and Vilhelm Rasmussen to modern day creationism. I will pay close attention to two aspects, namely the role of science popularisation and the scientific marketplace and the specific Protestant context in which Darwinism was introduced.

Moreover, I will compare the history of Darwinism in Denmark to countries with other cultural and religious contexts in order to make some broad conclusions on how Darwinism has been and still is appropriated around the Globe.

The talk will be based on my work as contributor to and co-editor of Creationism in Europe (Johns Hopkins University 2014) and as contributor to The Reception of Charles Darwin in Europe (Continuum /Bloomsbury Publishing, 2008-2014).

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